Community Engagement Focus
14 Years of Experience
I am a conservative and for the last 14 years worked to improve our schools.  I helped pass important legislation for charter schools that give choice to parents and opportunity to children. I worked to pass a new law that gives high school students the tools they need to get into college.  I served as a director of the Washington PTA and officer position in my local PTA.

In trying to improve our education system I spent years connecting with parents and teachers.  Ihelped shape these concerns into real policies at a local and state level.  I know it isn't easy to get the government to move in the right direction so I am the kind of person who keeps pushing until the job gets done.

Like many of us, I am a small business owner.  I started my own business with an old computer at my kitchen table and there was more than one night where I worried if I could get my business off the ground.  I understand the needs of small business and its role in fostering local economies.

I graduated from Grandview High, received an AA DTA at YVC and attended CWU.