Areas Of Focus
The needs of our community are many, I'll work to collaborate with others to meet these needs, with emphasis on three core areas: civic engagement, fiscal responsibility, and economic vitality.

Collaboration is a primary approach that I will use throughout my work on the council.  The needs of one district should not be met at the expense of other districts.  I will work closely to understand impacts of decisions, trade-off's, budget costs, and priorities is always top of mind in my interactions with others.  I hope to earn your vote and will advocate for the needs of District 6 while working to understand the needs of our community as a whole.

  1. Fiscal Responsibility
    Infrastructure maintenance and having the capacity to expand on these as our population grows is vital to this community. Budget allocations should provide for a healthy balance of maintenance and improvements. For this reason, I advocate for fiscal responsibility and transparency when making budgetary decisions so that stakeholders and constituents can better understand the tradeoffs that come with decisions that prioritize our infrastructure needs over new investments or new projects.
  2. Civic Engagement
    The opportunity to lead at the City level to demonstrate and encourage ways that our constituents can be more civically engaged to create a more cohesive community. For example, our crime rates can be helped if neighborhood watches were encouraged along with fostering communication among neighbors and police. Our community calendar can highlight events where people can come out to learn about each other, share in cross-generational experiences, learn about the implications of policy, cultivation of a voting culture, and invitation to join each other in celebration. We have great work being done through service clubs and nonprofits that could be helpful in fostering civic engagement across sectors.
  3. Economic Vitality
    The City has great representation of small, family, and local businesses operating within city limits. As a small business owner myself, I understand how zoning, taxes, and infrastructure impacts affect this sector. Businesses are a source of employment for many and we want to continue to attract those that will help our economy thrive.