Bill Bryant
On Tuesday, July 11, 2017 I had the honor of receiving Bill Bryant's endorsement. 
  1. Forbes Mercy
  2. Amy Joffs
    I have worked with Micaela on the PTA board for Apple Valley Elementary School. I know Micaela to be a person of integrity with sincere desire to help others. She advocated for the children and their needs with every decision we made.
  3. Amanda Shipman
    I strongly endorse Micaela for Position 6 on the Yakima City Council. We need an ethical and logical person who cares not only about the city but the families of the city.
  4. Kerstin Lesniak
    Micaela cares about her family, friends, and community. She is a hard worker and will do her best to make our community better for everyone.
  5. Rita Hanses
  6. Jake Tate